MagicNav is a trip planner and group tracker for theme park guests, in this case, specifically Disneyland*.

Initial research and inspiration:

  • 27% of families that visit an amusement park lose a child while they are there.
  • The average visitor walks 9 miles over the course of a day, many extra miles due to being lost.
  • 15 million people visit the park every year, with an average of 40,000 a day

MagicNav Functions:

  • Locate children and other group members while at the park using RFID and GPS technology
  • Locate characters for autographs and photo souvenirs
  • Customized Park Day Planner 
    • strategic ride plans based on group ages and wait times as well as location within the park.

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Fall 2011

*The use of the Disneyland brand was for academic purposes only.