My name is Wyanne.

I consider the world to be my home and playground. Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, I grew up in Nigeria and returned to Canada for high school in Toronto, Ontario and university in nearby Kingston. After nearly a decade in California, I now live and work in Nova Scotia. Due to this mildly nomadic upbringing, I love to travel and explore the world.

I studied mechanical engineering with a specialization in material sciences at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario for my bachelors degree. While at Queen's, project design courses were my favourite parts of the program. To further my knowledge of the design process and creative problem solving, I studied at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, graduating with an MFA in industrial design.

With my technical background, global awareness, and creative skills, I hope to create products that encourage people to engage with the world around them.


US 415.937.2186 | CAN 902.418.9268