Sew What? Pt2

Soft goods is an area in which I wish I had more experience. My mom put me in sewing lessons as a young child because she figured that would be a good skill to have (and I think she was tired of me handing her weird scraps of fabric to assemble weird clothes for dolls that I didn't even play with regularly).

Fast forward 20 years - I bought a sewing machine for some class project involving a lamp shade and I also use it to fix my pants occasionally. Looks like my mom was right in thinking sewing would be a useful skill for me to have.

Now that I'm a "working creative," as they say, I feel the need to diversify and hone some my skills outside of work. Yay sewing practice! what better time to practice than as gifts!

Several years ago, I purchased a microwaveable heat bag for a lovely lady to keep her cozy through winter. Although well loved, it became musty because it lived in a damp environment. Inspired by that and a casual comment about how she used to tuck it in her skirt to hold it in place on her back, I dreamed up a new and improved heat pack for her: a tied sash with a removable and easily replaced heat pack! 

File_003 (1).jpeg

The sewing for this was actually pretty straight forward. The slight challenge was figuring out the optimal order for sewing the different patterns together in the prettiest way. I could have cut one long piece and do a series of running stitches but the contrasting patterns made it more interesting and contemporary.