Sew What? Pt1

We have Spirit Days at work. The holiday objective this year was "Creative Santa Hats." What's more creative that making your own from scratch?! (ok, several things but this was a chance to play around with my sewing machine)

Thinking back to a Christmas wreath I made as a child in Girl Scouts, I planned out the fuzzy bit of the hat to be made of ruffled scraps. The fur trim would be translated to a ruffled border. I also had some nice, mainly-red batik from Nigeria that my mom had gotten for me to use as the hat bit of the hat.

Here are a couple images of the project. Click through for more.

Here are a few things I discovered and learned:

-My pinking shears are really tight. Cut thinner stacks of fabric to prevent numb thumb.
-My scraps were cut too short to knot them around a cord as originally planned and envisioned based on the childhood project. Instead, I had to sew the strips together and string them on the cord before scrunching them. This may have actually helped with the volume on the ruffled trim.
-Sewing the red bit of the hat was the easiest bit. I should use my pretty fabrics more often.

When it comes to sewing projects, one thing leads to another once my machine is out of it's box and on my desk. Stay tuned for Part 2 of Sew What?