For the Niece-y Poos.

When Niece 1 was born, I made her a banner with her name (in Pink).

When Niece 2 was born, I made a limited edition wood block print in her honor.

Along comes Niece 3. An official request was submitted by her mother to match Niece 1's name banner - also match her rug (in Lavender). There were a couple ways I could approach this request:

  1. repeat what I did for Niece 1   ( \a/\b/\c/ etc.)
  2. create a print with her name, similar in style to Niece 2
  3. something else.

My initial response was to go with #2 for printmaking practice. Then I realized the bit I enjoyed most about woodcut printmaking wasn't the printing, but the carving. So I pivoted and went with option 3 - something else. After a couple false starts trying to lay out a design on wood, I decided to treat each letter as it's own block, which naturally lead to a Alphabet Blocks for Abby - individually painted to match her rug.