I like subtractive arts. Pt2.

continued from "l like subtractive arts. Pt1"

Session 2 of the two-part workshop. Bring in a project if you have one...

Internal Dialogue:

Oh, ok. I can do anything? hmmmm.....or I could just use one of the provided templates. But I won't have access to tools again.* I should do something unique to me. hmm...what would that be? I don't have a superhero symbol or anything (yet). I like animal carvings....I like the traditional look of carving but I don't know what to carve...ahhh...Oh! ok got it.

Phew. Making decisions can be silly.

I like to dream about the near-ish future where the Significant Other and I have a van for our many adventures. So I figured I would dream about said-van while carving.

Here is the documented progress of my third carving:

I had some time to spare after I finished my van carving. So I picked out a fish image. It looks like a happy fish.

I was pretty pleased with my first Cabrillo College Extension Program workshop. It was a great way to spend two Sundays. So much so, that I've signed up for another workshop in August.


After the workshop, I was sad that I wouldn't be able to carve more things....then, my birthday came around and my wonderful brother got me a sweet set of hand carving tools. Yay! So more carving for me soon....now I just need to figure out a good way to secure the pieces to the lightweight IKEA table in my city apartment.