Alloy LED Display

Project Roles:

  • Business Development
  • Lead Designer
  • Engineering
  • Project Management

After I met their company president and co-founder at a networking event, AlloyLED contacted Concept Designs to work on the retail displays for the LED lighting start up. They came to us with a previous design with which they were not satisfied and wanted to see what we could create to solve their display challenges. We were able to meet their unique set of challenges as well as add features to surprise and delight the customer. As the displays have been arriving in stores, they have been receiving excellent responses to the display from store managers.


The back-lit logo and color accent are always on to attract attention in cluttered electrical supply stores.

Remote is presented on an easel that draws in the user to experiment with control of the RGBW LEDs.

Back-lit white logo isolated from RGBW color accent

Back-lit white logo isolated from RGBW color accent

When lit, the display shows the range of color temperatures of the LED strips as well as the quality of the light with minimized hot spots. The lights are also individually controlled.

A selection of shelf mounted lights show the quality of the light projected onto a counter surface, at the standard cabinet height.

The reverse of the display has room for up to four brochure holders for convenient access.

The custom wire brochure holder is modular to the display and also compatible with slat wall and peg wall environments.